Work Happy

Foster a hyper-motivated workforce with a rewards platform that actually motivates.

See How

3/4 of employees show up to work completely disengaged

Culture erodes Productivity Drops Turnover increases
Quality of work decreases Customer experience is negatively impacted

You try to combat disengagement with some type of employee rewards program

But you’re likely part of the 78% of companies that squander their rewards budget on programs that quickly decline in effectiveness.

Why do existing rewards programs fail to give you the sustained results you’re looking for?

  • They’re not designed to adapt to the changing needs of your workforce.
  • They don’t put to use advances in the science of motivation and instant gratification.

The only smart rewards platform on the market that’s designed to adapt to the needs of your employees, Workwinz makes recognizing and motivating your employees instant, uncomplicated, and effortless.

Combat program atrophy with the Workwinz turnkey rewards platform

  • Boost Productivity
  • Increase Talent Retention
  • Invigorate Morale

Why Workwinz Works

Workwinz is engineered to fully harness the power of positive reinforcement so you get lasting returns.

Managers send workwinz to employees for doing good work

The workwinz instantly deliver positive reinforcement and a chance to win a prize

The workwinz allow for instant gratification through instant celebration

Employees never disengage with the program because the rewards are a surprise and are always changing

Rewards are topnotch and there’s always something new for employees to look forward to

No boring points system

No antiquated reward catalogs

No added cost for rewards

We handle all prize fulfillment so you don’t have to worry about a thing

Just send workwinz to reward employees when they do good work or reach company milestones. We handle the rest.

Grow faster by unlocking employee potential, driving performance, and enlivening workplace culture

  • Instant
  • Uncomplicated
  • Effortless

Don’t have Workwinz at your work yet?

Reach out and one of our engagement specialists will help get you set up.